Guidance Fee

full day (8 hours)
start from a hotel in Tokyo
from 30,000JPY - from 35,000 JPY -
half day (4 hours)
start from a hotel in Tokyo
from 20,000 JPY - from 25,000 JPY -
consultation fee
(If making itinerary is necessary)
5,000 JPY / booking 5,000 JPY / booking
Additional fee Please refer to the terms and conditions.
As of February 1, 2020
*The fees and the guide principles may be changed.
*The fees are minimum price and depend on request, language, etc.

Tour planning and Consultation

I am a tour guide, not a travel agent.
If you would like to book accommodation, transportation facilities, etc. , I would recommend that you make reservations through your local travel agent or one in Japan, especially if you are traveling not only in Tokyo but in some different district (like Kyoto, Osaka, Hokkaido, Fukuoka, etc.).
You can book me through them. (Please give them URL of this site.)
I , as a guide, would give you advice about your itinerary. Or if you are traveling only in Tokyo, I would make rough itinerary. I DO NOT make reservations which requires cancellation fee on behalf of my guests.

How to book me

1. Please send me an email. Make sure to include:

a) Your name

b) Email address

c) Country you live in

d) Travel dates in Japan with flight no.

e) Dates you book me as a guide

f) Number of People

g) Outline of your trip and message. (Cities, places, hotel you stay, purpose of visit, etc.)

⇒2. I will reply if I am available or not, and give you a quatation if I am available.
Some consultation.
⇒3. Confirmation of booking.
⇒4. I will send you invoice.
⇒5. Payment.
⇒6. Meeting in Japan!
E-mail :